Great pics of unique ultra-thin-crust pizzas from Rome Mountain

I have been enjoying reading these pages for some time and would like to give something back!

Around 2005 I was touring the mountains west of Rome and and late one night I happened upon this pizza restaurant just outside of the town of Nemi. It was sort of up-scale and served these gourmet pizzas that were of a kind I had not seen before nor since. They were prepared by a 'band' of young women dressed in clinically white uniforms and so I immediately dubbed them 'il ragazzi bianchi'. Although I was strictly not allowed in the kitchen they didn't seem to mind and I took some great pics of them preparing these incredible pizzas.

The pizzas were unique in that they were extremely thin, almost wafer-like, very sparsely dressed and fired in an extremely hot oven. But most of all they were the most delicate, artistic and beautiful pizzas I have ever seen. (The girls were quite pretty too)

So the point is: I have these photos and would like to share the best 4 of them for you all to relish. How do I do that?


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