Documentary: Great Chicken Wing Hunt

So, I finally watched this on Hulu streaming tonight. I liked the seriousness of the evaluation grades and the enthusiasm. I liked the mix of people on the tour and I even liked that they were open to going all kinds of places in the state of NY.

However, I never warmed up to Matt himself and thought it absolutely ridiculous that they did not have at least one meal a day of something else, like maybe a vegetable. I was surprised there wasn't more of a rebellion about the relentlessness of the wings-only diet.

I think it is funny that the wing that won is one that has been fixed for years in one of my hometown Mid-Atlantic spots (and likely many other joints across the nation), called something else other than what Marshall at Abigail's called his. It is a great combination for those of us who like blue cheese. I wish we got to hear more about the novelty wings, since some of my favorites are not traditional.

It was pleasant enough, but I can't say it would be of interest to just anyone who likes food.

Did you see it? What did you think?


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