Whipping Cream Cheese

OK, searching the web for this is making me crazy, so I figured I'd give it a shot here. Everything you find on the web is either vague ("they put air in it!") or wrong ("cream cheese + milk + whipping attachment = whipped cream cheese").

I imagine that this is some kind of chemical emulsifying additive that they do to make that perfect, fluffy cream cheese that you can buy in the tubs - but they want a premium of SIX TIMES what the cost of regular cream cheese is. I want to make this at home. Everything I've tried so far has fallen flat.

Most recipes on the web say to take cream cheese, add a bit of milk and whip it. This doesn't create whipped cream cheese. This creates runny cream cheese. Nothing I have tried has been able to replicate that texture (food processor, blender, whipping, milk, cream, whipping cream - nothing works, all I get is runny cream cheese).

Why does the Internet seem to have no idea how to do this, but yet hundreds of packaged food vendors seem to have it down pat?


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