Hot Pockets vs. Calzone dough question

I'm looking to make some hot pockets to freeze, and not having made either hot pockets or calzones, or frozen burritos, I'm not sure what sort of dough works best. My assumption is that for a calzone I'd use a basic pizza dough, and for a hot pocket I might use a dough with more oil, or maybe even butter cut in so it's more like a pastry dough. (And if I cut in butter would I leave out yeast?) I make my own tortillas, and wonder if that dough would be fine - basically flour, oil or butter, and water.

I'm curious about your experience making any of these. How would you differentiate between them?

I did find this hot pocket recipe from "A beautiful ruckus." which doesn't have fat but is a fairly sweet dough. Opinions? I'd like a dough I can roll out pretty thin.

3 Cups Flour 1/4 Cup Dry Milk 1/4 Cup Sugar 1 tsp Salt 2 1/2 Tbsp Yeast 1 Cup Warm Water


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