Squeezing 15lbs of spinach?

Wondered if the SE community might have any tips or tricks neither I nor anyone at work has yet thought of. Each week to ten days I have to squeeze dry 15lbs of frozen spinach for a spanokpita-type pastry filling. While it isn't hard work, it does take longer than I want to have to spend on it doing it by hand, one scoop at a time.

At home, to do a pound or two, I use my hands, or my counter-top citrus squeezer with a small circle of screen in the bottom to drain a handful at time. I get a nice little dry puck out after a single hard squeeze of the handle.

This isn't practical at work for 15lbs, but we also have no other equipment that can do it, nor will the kitchen be buying anything. I generally do a first draining by squeezing about half the amount between two large, footless colanders, but I still have to finish it a handful at a time. Any tips, tricks, advice or ideas for doing it faster or with other pieces of kitchen equipment?


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