Slippery Dumplings?

Just curious:

For the chicken and dumplings my mother used to make, the dumplings were sort of biscuit dough steamed on top.

Recently, I've been reading about "slippery dumplings". I looked up some recipes and a lot of them simply look like non-egg based noodles cut into larger pieces, e.g. flour/shorting/hot water, 1/16 inch thickness, 1" x 3". Many say, "roll as thin as possible," and some of those recipes specified cutting 1/2 inch wide...noodle-sized in my book.

(No problem with that, here, as I love pasta/noodles of any recipe/form. I'm just confused.)

But I've seen other recipes that included baking powder or baking soda/buttermilk, which made a little more sense to me so far as the "dumpling" nomenclature goes, but a lot of those are rolled "as thin as possible" and cut to resemble noodles, as well. (At least they'd probably puff up a little.)

I've even read some chicken and slippery "dumpling" recipes that use flour tortillas cut into strips.

What am I missing here? Is there a definitive (or mostly so) answer? Does it vary regionally, and they're all simply called "slippery dumplings"?

Like I said, just curious.



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