Silly Question... Double Yolk Eggs

Growing up on a farm, we had all types of "animals of burden", including chickens. Free to range as they pleased, but chickens are fairly lazy creatures unless chasing june bugs or 5 year old boys (me) for flogging practice...

At any rate, we hardly ever had eggs with double yolks. After moving on my own and buying eggs at a typical grocery, double yolk eggs were a rare event. Most consider them good luck. However, over the holidays, we bought a dozen eggs from Cherry Lane Farms (not a local brand to Alaska) and every single egg was double yolk.

Anyone have an idea what %age if eggs are double yolk and is there a way to have the hens produce these on a regular basis?

Seems in a restaurant report here at SE, there was a restaurant in NYC that only used double yolk eggs. I just found it odd after growing up on a farm with chickens and buying eggs since in my adult life, that it was very rare to get a double yolk, but the entire dozen from CLF was double yolk. There was no mention of the double yolk on the packaging...


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