Sheep heart? (Not for the squeamish!!)

Warning guys, this isn't completely about food. It's about a dissection, too.

I was doing a dissection in my physiology class this morning of a sheep heart. The muscle is mostly covered in a fatty outer layer. In order to help us orient the heart for our dissection, we were instructed to try and remove some of the hard, white fat on the exterior of the upper part of the heart.

When we were cutting it off, we used a scalpel and it came off in slices. Then I got a horribly sick revelation. It looked, and worse, smelled like sheep's milk cheese. I'm completely serious here, it looked like someone was slicing off pieces of Manchego, and I could smell it. It was white, and firm, but wasn't quite as oily as cheese. But still, ugh.

So, has anyone else experienced anything similar? It must be because sheep has such a distinct smell, it just permeates the whole animal. Eh, I don't know how I feel about that.


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