LA is becoming a Pizza Heaven

Wow, never thought id say that! LA...Los Angeles, a pizza heaven...2 recent openings promise to really make LA pizza-safe for me. last week i went to South End, a pizzeria and wine bar, recently opened by by friend,Mario Vollera, whom I met while he was maitre d' and occasional pizzaiolo at Peppe Miele's now shuttered VPN Antica Pizzeria, the HQ for VPN Americas. I was shocked to learn that he was using a gas oven, albeit one that's cranked up to 650 degrees. It was a great pie, forgot the name but it had onion, very spice house made sauseeege, house made mozz on a very thin yet bready crust similar to Mozza, no surprise since ex Mozza man, Frank Fermin is the principal owner(i think). A great addition to the Venice/MDR area....Just as interesting is the news that, after a long delay, the furthest western outpost of Grimaldi's just opened in El Segundo, of all places...though the Scottsdale branch I first ate in years ago was good, it was a disappointment because of my "great expecations." I had already eaten at the Vegas branch and it was fantastic...I ate a large marg w/sausage by myself for lunch then ordered a 2nd pie for the drive back to LA! Im hoping pizza in El Segundo will be a joyous experience. I'll report back thursday! oh yeah, this aint the LA i arrived in 20 years ago...Amen!


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