Ideas based around a risotto dish- for a "special someone" meal?

Hello friends - multi-year lurker, not much of a poster here - but I turn to you, the good people of SE for some ideas, please and thank you.

So this weekend I am cooking for the first time for a new "special friend". Truth told, it's been a couple of years since I've done this (after a 13 yr relationship went south) so I want to fall back on something I can do pretty well but not all people take the time to cook: risotto.

So, thinking about a nice cheesy risotto, nice and simple. Some sauteed spicy broccoli rabe on the side and maybe a protein, of course.

Just looking for inspiration for a starter or something to open the meal with. An inspired salad? A soup? Something I'm not thinking of? Maybe a different kind of risotto and a caprese salad to start? A bucket of KFC and a sixer of PBR? Any ideas? Concerns?

Peace and love.


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