Did you make a wedding cake? What went right? Wrong?

My dear brother is finally going to marry his partner of 35 years and has asked me to make their wedding cake. I bake a lot and am feeling pretty comfortable about the actual cake; what I'm freaking out about is the decoration and logistics. Even though I went to pastry school more years ago than I care to mention, I have pretty much forgotten everything I ever knew about cake decoration. I know I will have to practice piping to get back in the groove but what about the other stuff? How do I ensure it doesn't tip over, how do I keep the frosting from sliding off, you know, all the hilarity you see in comedies where cake goes tragically wrong and the wedding gets ruined.

Are there any good books on the topic?

I know there must be plenty of Serious Eaters who have done this and can either allay my fears or tell me side-splitting stories of what went wrong with their efforts. Anything that would either limit my stress or identify things to avoid would be much appreciated.


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