Craving Replacement Fail

About six weeks ago I randomly found a display of small bags of caramel corn that were produced by a husband and wife in the area and sold in the local high-end grocer. Since I make it a point to allow myself to buy one new thing to try at the grocery store once a week, I decided to pick one up, even though it was $5 for the bag, which was about 8oz (in other words, a single serving for me).

Flash forward to today and I am so heavily addicted to it that I have been eating one or sometimes two bags of this miraculous caramel corn every single day. It's bad. I mean, bad. Total Addict, I am now - but it's *so* expensive!

So, last Friday, at my office in our convenience store, I bought a small bag of another (still locally-produced) caramel corn, which happens to only be about $1.50 (read: MUCH cheaper). I was all prepared to drop my addiction to the expensive stuff and scarf loads of this newer kind, but two bites into it last night and I threw the whole lot out. It tasted burnt and not sweet. The bits stuck to my teeth, unlike the other kind, and I was massively disappointed.

Has this ever happened to you? You become addicted to something, try to switch to something else (to save money, calories, etc) and just end up totally disappointed? And still hopelessly addicted to the initial product?


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