broken meat-pies for sale...would you buy one?

this morning I visited my local super market and saw some Jamaican patties for sale so I decided to buy one but I noticed that many were literally broken in pieces despite still being inside the food wrapper. then I noticed They Were All Out Of Date. Some Were Meant to be Eaten by The 11TH OF Jan and others the 15th OF Jan. and So I decided to Speak to one of the assistants and he apologized but then made What I considered to be a Weak excuse by saying that his colleague had made a Human error. I didn't Accept That and asked him if he would buy a broken out of date pie? and he said no he wouldn't so I then asked him why his employer would think the public would buy them even if they were labelled to be sold for half price? he still insisted that it was all down to human error and then suggested I buy a fresh one instead? I turned down his suggestion and walked away. I must say I felt quite upset and although I regretted raising my voice I still felt that my complaint was justified even though I didn't buy any of the broken out of date patties. how would you respond in a similar situation? I always feel upset when I see broken food in supermarkets for sale. Because I consider that to be unacceptable as well as uneatable especially when it is a pie of some sort. once the pastry is broken it is in my view uneatable and I don't think those should remain on a shelf for sale to the public. I think it is disrespectful and when one considers the fact that when the pie was made wrapped and boxed and sent to a supermarket for sale it was as one would expect it to be. not all broken and out of date. if a pie maker attempted to sell such a thing to a shop the shopkeeper would naturally refuse to buy it so why does that shop keeper then expect their customers to buy it? please share your Thoughts? was I too quick to complain? or was my complaint justified?


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