AHT needs its own Burger Hall of Fame! Get your picks in!

After seeing Time magazine's 17 Most Influential burgers of all time, I thought, "Why are leaving it up to some wet behind the ears magazine hack determine which burgers are most influential?" A site like A Hamburger Today needs its own Burger Hall of Fame, listing, in the opinion of its writers and readers, the burgers that made history. Here's my short list of recommendations for the Hof, in chronological order:

-Louis Lunch's first hamburger (1900) -The 1904 St. Louis World's Fair burger - The one which popularized the sandwich we love. -The original White Castle slider (1921) - First hamburger chain. -The first cheeseburger (for sale, anyway, The Rite Spot, Pasadena, CA, 1926). -the first hamburger eaten by Popeye's J. Wellington Wimpy (1931) -Hey, he did give this blog its name, right? -Bob Wian's first Big Boy burger (Glendale, CA, 1938) - The first double bun burger. -McDonald's first "Speedee Service" burger (1948) - First modern fast-food burger. -In-N-Out's first burger (1948) - The pioneers of the drive-thru, and the burger from which the "secret menu" began. -The 21 Club Burger (1950) - Arguably, the first "gourmet" burger. -The first Wimpy Bar burger (1954) - Britain's first burger chain, 20 years before McDonald's made it across the pond. -Burger King's first burger (Miami, FL, 1954). -Burger King's first Whopper (1957). -McDonald's first Big Mac (Pittburgh, PA, 1968). -Wendy's first burger (Dublin, OH, 1969) - It can arguably said that Dave thomas' chain, by using only fresh meat, decent toppings, no heat lamps, etc., was the forerunner for the "better burger/fast-food style" places (Five Guys, Shake Shack, etc.). -MOS Burger (1972) - Japan's first home-grown chain and home of the Riceburger. -McDonald's first Quarter Pounder (Fremont, CA, 1972). -The first Gardenburger (1981-2) - The first commercially sold veggie burger.

Also on the list, but not in time order:

-The first Patty Melt. -The first non-beef meat burger (buffalo, etc.)

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