Mom's Turkey Along With Small Plates or No?

Okay, here's a weird and awkward one for you. I usually do a somewhat informal holiday get together after Christmas for my sister and her daughter, my parents, my husband's parents and his brother's family. All in all we should altogether round out at about 14 to 17 depending if some of my kids friends come by. I live in Syracuse, and on that day, SU faces Villanova, woop woop, huge game day around here. So we thought game day/holiday party. My in-laws, parents and sister all live 3-4 hours away, so with travel time I try to meet their needs.

I was planning on doing an appetizer/small plates menu that people could graze off of during the afternoon while watching the game and, but my mom has a 13 lb. frozen turkey that she wants to bring down. She is currently thinking that she will roast it the day before and I can carve it for sandwiches. That would be fine, but she kills turkeys twice. The darn thing will be sawdust, even cold. I also think a 13 lb. turkey is going to be overkill. I would like to see her donate it to a local food pantry--I would send/pay for some potatoes and stuffing, and she could also donate a couple of the 5 cans of cranberry sauce she was planning on bringing down.

The last thing I want to do is hurt her feelings, but I do think this turkey has the potential for a better purpose. Maybe I'm wrong. Thoughts, please!! And you won't hurt mine if you disagree.


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