How to Cut Spanish Ham: Important Objects

You are already sure about the benefits and quality of the Spanish ham, so you have decided to buy one in the market or in Internet. But, when you get it: what do you have to do to eat it? First of all, you should learn the most important objects you need to cut it. In another article we will explain the methods to cut it, but before you demonstrate your ability, you must provide yourself with a jamonero knife and a wooden bracket.

Spanish jamonero knife to cut the ham The Spanish jamonero knife is a very particular knife, used exclusively to cut this type of products. You will be able to recognize it at once because of its length: it is much more longer than usual and often reaches 25 cm and even more. Besides, they are extremely narrow.

Why do they have this shape? Because you have to handle the ham not very near it in order to prevent you from being cut yourself. Besides, the knife is narrow because it shouldn't touch the ham very much, just enough to cut a superficial slide. So this jamonero knife lets you keep the perfect shape of the ham, avoiding irregular forms on the surface, which would make more complicated the next cutting.

In addition, this Spanish jamonero knife must be very sharp because of the same reasons we gave you before: the cutting must be really smooth, trying to touch the ham the minimum possible. So, if you see that your knife is not cutting properly, sharpen it at once. Chefs and experts usually sharpen their tools once or twice a day.

The end of this knifes can be rounded or pointed, it doesn't matter because this part of the tool won't never touch the product. The blade is usually made of advanced and stainless iron, while the handle can be made of plastic or wood.

Wooden bracket to grab the Spanish ham But when you face the Spanish ham in your kitchen, you may wonder where and how to cut it. "Do I have to let the ham lie down?" or "Do I have to let the ham hang on the wall?". The answer is easy: you have to provide yourself with


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