Homemade Rum Cake

If you have never considered making one, please re-consider! I have always loved those name-brand cakes in the gold box from the Caribbean. Never realized that I, more savory than sweet, could ever make one. Oh my!

Do a search and you will find two predominant recipes: 1 that uses a cake mix and 1 that makes the cake from scratch. I had cake mix and made that one (The Pioneer Woman). King Arthur Flour has the scratch recipe. They both use dry vanilla pudding in the mix.

I added about 2 teaspoons vanilla extract to the yellow cake mix recipe and that was a good call.

One tip: Don't un-pan the cake before pouring the glaze. Poke the cake (I used a chopstick) and pour the glaze over the cake and then let sit overnight, if you can. Then un-pan it. Unbelievable. I will be making this for every occasion I can think of in the foreseeable future.


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