Garlic Powder and Garlic Chips

Really amusing article over on Slate today about garlic. Ruth Reichl disdains it until she learns the author grows and dries and powders his own. Funny stuff.

Personally, I use garlic powder and/or granulated garlic in rubs and I love the sweetness of dried garlic chips in a dish like an egg salad (it softens with the mayo when rested and not bitter like fresh can be), as I like roasted garlic, but I don't think they mentioned that in the article. I like garlic powder in some sauces, too.

Do you use dried garlic products or disdain them?

Yes, I grow some of my own garlic and use the flowers, as well. I grow ramps and chives, too, and onions. I like the stinky stuff. However, I don't use garlic salt or onion salt. I like to control the salt in other ways.And I don't use the jarred garlic because it does not seem as strong as fresh, though I would if I were cooking for the masses and time was an issue.


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