Critique my (veggie-friendly) open house menu!

Hi guys, You've never let me down before so I come, hat in hand, begging for your aid once more. My gentleman caller and I are hosting a small, weeknight (i.e. lots of simple/make-ahead things) shindig and want to make sure that the two vegans coming will have things to eat. Do you think I've covered them well enough? I'd also love any suggestions for another dish or two, vegan or otherwise, or even just something easy I could grab at the store and throw on the table.

Baked fennel-garlic white bean dip w/ veggies and French bread Beet and citrus salad Pizza (a cheese-less one with olive oil and rosemary and a cheesy one with sausage) Vegan stuffed mushrooms (the filling is basically garlicky breadcrumbs)

Spiced apple cider (with some rum for spiking as desired) Some sort of wintry beer

Caramel apple bread pudding Various nuts and fruit dipped dark chocolate


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