Can I save this dough?

Hmm, my first post on Serious Eats is about my general incompetence. Seems fitting, not going to lie.

I am a novice damn near everything in the kitchen, and somehow I've decided the way to be healthier is to cook more at home...starting with pizza. My first attempt at dough was Kenji's NY Style Pizza dough. I suspect I did not let it run enough in the food processor as it would not stretch nearly enough to make a pizza. Still was tasty, just not a pizza. And the second half turned into a fantastic focaccia, though really how one could go wrong with focaccia is beyond me.

Yesterday I made this dough:

I froze three of the five balls for later use and put two in the fridge. I took them out today (20 hours later) and followed the recipe. The first pizza dough was unbelievably sticky and I could just about get it from resting on the board to the peel. I couldn't stretch it at all as it stuck to everything and ended up with a tear straight away. Still turned out tasty, but again not pizza. The second one I ended up throwing away. Just getting it off the floured board it was doing its pre-stretching rest destroyed it.

So I guess two questions:

1) Since I still have 3 balls of this dough in the freezer, any thoughts on how to save them based on the above?

2) Any glaringly obvious problems from the above descriptions with my technique or process?

Alternately does anyone want to come to my place and cook me pizza once a week? No? Well, I tried.


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