Bartoli's Pizzeria In Roscoe Village = Gino's East Circa 1983

For fans of Gino's East, the grandson of Gino's East late co-founder, Fred Bartoli, opened up Bartoli's Pizzeria a few months ago at 1955 W. Addison (Addison and Damen), and the deep dish pizza he is serving today is reminiscent of Gino's East circa early 1980's before the franchising and various corporate owners throughout the years. If you remember the glory days of Gino's East back in those days, then you will probably like this pizza (Yes, FredipusRex, I'm looking right at you). This is NOT the same recipe that Gino's East is using today. This version reminds me of the original Gino's East deep dish pizza based on the late Fred Bartoli's original version, which came from Fred's former head chef, Alice Mae Redmond (Redmond was hired away from Uno's). Fred's grandson has added his own personal touches, and his thin crust with sausage is pretty good, too. Enjoy!


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