Another Newbie in Need of Dough Help (Lahey no-Knead)

So, I successfully made a couple of NY Style pizza per Kenji's recipe while I was visiting my parents. I wanted to try the Lahey no-knead since I am sadly without food processor 'cause I can't afford the size I want.

The dough seemed promising at first and was very pliable. However, it kept springing back like crazy when I tried to stretch it out. And it seemed a little sticky. After not fixing it upon adding some more flour, I gave up and made it into a calzone.

I've already seen the video with Kenji and have added more flour to the other three dough balls that are now chilling in the fridge. Any other ideas? My kitchen is super cold (62 degrees), could this be the issue? Dough seemed to pass windowpane test.


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