Which Would You Choose?

I am not sure that I have seen one of these in awhile, so since I was looking at the monthly cafeteria calendar a little while ago at the office, and noticed that near the end of the month they are running a special for National French Toast Day (who knew?), I thought that I would ask this:

Okay, you can choose one and only one. No gussied-up treatment, either. Just the traditional way of serving them is to be considered (i.e. maple syrup, powdered sugar, etc)....If you could choose one, and only *one* of the following to enjoy for breakfast every day, which would you rather?

1. Pancakes (American style) 2. Crepes (or "pancakes" if you are in the UK) 3. Waffles 4. French Toast

I have been thinking long and hard about this, and I think that my decision is based on the fact that if I were to eat them every day, these would give me the most "bang for the buck" so to speak, and also just be really tasty. Pushed to say it, although I *love* my mother's pancakes, I would choose French Toast.

I rarely eat it, but it's just so indulgent, but yet "healthy" in the sense that it provides protein in the eggs and if you use whole wheat or another hearty style bread, you can get some nice fiber and whole grains in, too. Not to mention that it soaks up copious amounts of delicious maple syrup or jam when available.

So, what's your choice?


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