Wanted: Discerning scallop consumers

I represent Maine scallop fishermen and am trying to find a market for their product in New York City. I believe reducing the number of steps between fishermen and consumers is the key to getting consumers a better product and getting fishermen a better price. I would LOVE advice on how I can access discerning New York City seafood lovers. I am willing to travel to New York City regularly during Maine's scallop season as long as I can sell 300 pounds or more each trip. These scallops freeze well, and will be guaranteed to arrive within 48 hours of harvest. They are like NOTHING you've ever tasted. Please check out my website at www.mainedayboatscallops.com for more information. Also, please note I'll be at the New Amsterdam Market this Sunday. I won't have product but I'm happy to talk to anyone and everyone about Maine's scallop fishery and the incredible product it produces.


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