Variations on Ginger Cookies?

I love making ginger cookies, and am very familiar with the standard gingersnaps and gingerbread men, but I just got a request from a new colleague to make her ginger-flavored cookies and I wanted to see if there was something just a little different that I could make.

Short background, this colleague grew up in Communist Poland, where she says that there was no ginger, and therefore no ginger cookies. She loves them in all their forms, so she has left it up to me to decide what to make.

I could make either of the versions mentioned above, or even Moravian spice cookies, but does anyone out there in SE Land have any other ideas that I could try? I am totally up for something new and different, as long as the main flavor profile is still ginger, since she just gushed about how much she loved it (as do I, admittedly).



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