Sunday football eats

We host NFL games in our house every Sunday. Usually a couple people come over, sometimes several, sometimes none.

Regardless, there's always lots of drinking (natch), generally beer primers before the hard stuff.

And obligatory shots for everyone in the house for special teams or defensive touchdowns (lightweights get a half-pour).

Apps are either sour cream and onion soup mix dip with tons of chips, or melted Mexican cheese in mini-crock.

Some kind of crock pot meal will follow - sweet and sour ribs, chili, Mexican chicken, etc.

Or take n' bake pizzas will be brought in. Or I'll grill - today it's build-your-own bratwurst on a Bay's English muffin.

Three NFL games calls for a lot of food to soak up all that drink. Callous disregard for healthy choices prevails - that's what the other six days a week are for.


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