How to include/sell food into very limited bar space??

I own a awesome bar in Old Orchard Beach, Maine we have it rocking w/ all ages every night, however, I have a unreal,fab open deck on second floor overlooking the rides and ocean in OOB that stays pretty much unoccupied during the day in which I know the reason is I do not sell any kind of food!! Space is the prob. I do have a room that I enlarged this year by taking 2-1/2 ft off my stage, that has my liq, beer, safe,t-shirts,Pepsi products,swag, well you name it its out-there only because that is my only space..I was thinking of just selling some kind of appetizers of course presentation is very high on my list, I looked into a Grease-less, Vent-less Fryer but of course I wasn't thinking about the 3 bay sink and hand sink I would have to install,again, no space. If I can get that afternoon, older crowd in that rocks from like 2 to 8 (band starts @ 3)on deck, I must have some kind of food to offer to keep them there drinking my #1 money maker and top priority, ALCOHOL. I was thinking of some kind of shelving to put a lot of the above on, and lets remember I am only a Seasonal Club May thru Sept. I need the Bar Rescuer, lol...Any and all ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks: Weekend @ Bernie's Beach Club Old Orchard Beach, Maine 207-749-6881

Looking forward to any and all help/advise/ideas. Thanks again, Mrs. Bernie


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