Food doesn't act like food anymore...

When I was in AZ in 2008, I noticed I would buy fresh broccoli, microwave it as usual, and it would come out rather rubbery. Not anything I would call "good" or "edible." But, the more I cooked it, the less it mattered. It still was rubbery and honestly not really food. Now, it's 2013. I find organic frozen green beans doing the same darn thing. I'm sorry, but I'm amazed there isn't a huge public outcry that food does not behave the way it's supposed to! It does not behave the way it used to! They have tainted our food supply and manipulated it to the extent that it does not behave the way it used to! I am amazed I have never seen another comment as to how our food supply has been modified and manipipulated! Everyone goes on as if nothing has changed and everything is normal. Wake up, people! Those in power have manipulated our entire food supply! Get organic seeds and grow your own food! Most everything in a grocery store is not REAL food! Start your own gardens! Grow your own food! The INDUSTRY is an f'ing greedy enti


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