End Cornicione-Cheat

BROOKLYN, NY--I must share my cornicione concerns. I am new to Slice (but consuming pies since 1954) so if this is redundant, excuse me please. Here's my whimper: (it's not just with Lucali's here--which inspires me to speak up, but with ALL super high end or expensive pizzas). It regards the 'cornicione'. The bare outer perimeter of the crust, like the Blob in the movie of the same name, is growing, growing and growing daily as this product continues to gain favor. Nowadays, it seems there's enough there for a loaf of bread --and and my stock line in this situation is "if I wanted roti I'd head over to a Pakistani bakery." Paying top dollar for un-sauced pizza is not my idea, it's the pizza makers who are taking advantage of the innocent and unwashed hoi polloi they serve. I am here to stand tall and say to Mr. L and to the many others who make brilliant pies: that's enough, we want sauce on the pie all the way out to the edge. After all, we're paying for it.


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