Eat honey for beauty and health

Now has already arrived in late autumn and winter is close. The weather is very dry, the body is easy to lack of water. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM ) believes that honey is have a function to nourish the body, can nourish the lung (mentioned in our earlier post).

Connected with TCM, Chinese diet therapy tells that drinking a cup of honey water is good for the body and it will keep you warm in the autumn morning. But everyone's body condition is different, so you need to choose the most suitable honey for yourself. Also you can eat Chinese food with honey to inject extra nutrition. Some Chinese restaurants near me also serves Chinese food with honey in Autumn and Winter.

The obvious climate characteristics of autumn is dry, and honey can prevent you become dry, so it is suitable for you in autumn. The time of drinking water with honey recommend to choose the morning, because if you drink in the morning, it can quickly replenish physical, let a day with plenty of spirit.

But if your digestive system is weak, you'd better not drink honey water immediately when you get up. TCM beilieves that it will cause diarrhea. You can eat something first, then to drink honey water. Or you can rub honey on the bread to eat

At the same time, many different kinds of honey, including acacia honey, osmanthus-scented honey and Chinese date honey, etc., and different flowers made from honey, there are some differences in efficacy in the choice, can choose the most appropriate according to their own needs.

Drink osmanthus-scented honey will make you beautiful.

Osmanthus-scented honey is called "golden lotus" in China. It is the first choice for the lady who loves beauty. TCM believes that eating osmanthus-scented honey will Moisturizing the skin. Keep drinking osmanthus-scented honey water will change your dry skin and make you more and more beautiful.


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