Chinese yellow rice wine

Yellow rice wine is gems of Chinese alcohol, it is human body essential amino acid containing comprehensive drink wine, it contains 18 kinds of amino acids, including 7 kinds of essential amino acids for human body, the nutrition in the kind of wine is rare in the world. In addition, the yellow wine also contains sugars, organic acids, esters, senior alcohol and rich vitamin, etc. It's common in Chinese restaurants near me , and lots of Chinese especially the old love to drink it.

Yellow rice wine of medical value is very big, use it to soak, traditional Chinese medicine processing, suffering, can improve the therapeutic effect of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). This is because the active components of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) some slightly soluble or insoluble in water, whereas in ethanol solubility is very large. Liquor is dissolving the traditional Chinese medicine effect is better, but when drinking stimulus is bigger, not drinkers, easy to appear the phenomenon such as diarrhea, itching. Beer is alcohol content is too low, go against Chinese medicine effective component of dissolution. And yellow wine alcohol content is moderate, is a relatively ideal YaoYinZi. In addition, the rice wine or ointment, Dan, pill, powder of important auxiliary materials. Rice wine smells bitter, sweet, bitter, hot, the main lines of medicine, can kill the evil poison, channels and collaterals, blood, spleen and stomach, skin, moisture, helps liver, in addition to the wind from qi, activating blood, urine, etc. Winter temperature drinking rice wine, can invigorate the circulation of dispelling cold, collaterals, can effectively resist the cold stimulation, prevent colds. Yellow rice wine drinking can be according to the varieties of wine and climate of different can be divided into two kinds of hot and cold drinks.


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