Amazingly, I have never had it...

I was thinking about this recently while in a conversation with a colleague that happens to be addicted to something that I have never tried. They looked at me in utter shock and dismay that I had never in my life eaten a Pop Tart, despite the fact that I have nothing generally against processed foods or other guilty pleasures. Heck, I eat my fair share of microwave Kraft macaroni and cheese, so I can't say that I am all "high and mighty" when it comes to food.

But that got me to thinking about all of the popular things that I have never eaten, despite the fact that everyone else in the country / world seems to have eaten their fair share or more. So, here's a brief list of the mainstream things that I have yet to taste. What are yours?

1. Pop Tarts 2. Lay's potato chips (I just don't care for potato chips, especially non-ridge ones) 3. Taco Bell 4. White Castle 5. Sonic 6. Domino's (my family has been boycotting them since the early 1980's) 7. BBQ chips / crisps of any kind (I have never liked BBQ and therefore have an aversion to anything that might remind me of that flavor combination) 8. Until recently, Snickerdoodles (still don't think that I was missing anything, actually) 9. Pickles (I have eaten all kinds of pickled foods, but never actual, traditional pickles


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