Alternate uses for turkey bits?

I haven't been home for more than 24 hours in the past 2 weeks, so I asked my dear turkey-hating Japanese mother to at the very least collect ingredients and start cooking what she can of our Thanksgiving dinner (we're doing this Saturday because working on holidays sucks.)

Bless her, she missed half my shopping list, bought 4 times more veggies than needed, and also bought a full quart of turkey gravy. WHY, MOMMA, WHY?

So now I have a full turkey, complete with neck, giblets, liver and stock-making vegetables, but no need to make gravy. Ugh.

What else can I do with the neck and guts? We're not soup people, so turkey stock would just go bad or unnecessarily occupy freezer space. Should I just pitch 'em? My frugal side is in turmoil...


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