Where's the paw paw love?

I'm an avid world traveler but sadly inexperienced in the ways of the eastern Coast. Anyways, I just moved here and recently tried some paw paw fruits ...and OMG!!! Why don't people make a bigger deal out of these fruits? For all the trouble that people go through trying to bring in tropical fruits like guanabana/soursops, mangosteens, jackfruits, durians, etc., why don't we just distribute more paw paws around this great country??? It has the same kind of texture with a beautiful and delicate floral smell. I had no idea that we grew such an amazing fruit here in the States, and I can't help but wonder why we don't use or publicize it more. I know the Southeast Asian community would have 1 million and more ideas for its use. Or, of course, maybe I'm just blissfully ignorant of paw paws' pre-existing popularity? Enlighten me please!


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