Was it me, or the puff pastry?

While cleaning out the freezer last week, I realized that I had a box of puff pastry that I had purchased over a year ago. I remember that when I first bought it, I put it in the fridge for a couple of days, thinking that I would use it, but then didn't get a chance, and thus put it back in the freezer, where it sat for the last year.

In an effort not to make waste, I took it out again last night, so that I could make palmiers today (since they didn't use a lot of other ingredients, I figured that if they didn't turn out, at least it wouldn't cost me a lot).

So, this morning I started it out, and the dough itself was gluey, almost. I still persevered, but ultimately, when they came out of the oven, they were gluey-looking, stuck to the base of the baking sheet, sticky and just all-around unappetizing.

Having never made palmiers before, my question is: Did I make a mistake in a) thawing and then freezing and then waiting a year to use the dough? Or did I simply not have any idea how to really make palmiers and they are actually a lot more complicated than the recipes suggest?


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