Need point cut brisket help asap

Am cooking my first brisket, previously frozen. boiling per instructions on the pkg, which said a 3 pound brisket would take about 3 hours, and should reach 166 degrees. I had a 4 pound brisket

I've been away so I cooked in oven at 210, covered with water, for about 3 3/4 hours Came home and the temperature was more like 170-176 (not a good thermometer). I assumed it was done. Took it out. Cut some off to sample and it's a little tough, so I thought it might be overdone But the internal fat/collagen has not rendered, so I'm wondering if it's underdone. Have put it back in the hot water.

Any advice? Do I let it simmer longer in a 210 oven? Take it out, cool, cook slices more when I eat it? Take it out, cool, bake it tomorrow? It's not particularly edible at the moment.


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