Menu help for a lobster roll birthday party for a crowd

My 30th birthday is coming up in November, and I'm planning to throw a party for myself that I expect about 30 people to attend. (Maybe 40 people?! Eek!) This is enough people that most food will probably be eaten while people are standing or sitting on a couch, or generally milling about. I am looking for foods that are easy to prepare ahead of time (bonus points for being freezer friendly so that the dish can be prepped a week or more in advance). I'm also looking for foods that will not require much attention during the party (since I want to enjoy myself!), so maybe they are either delicious cold, at room temp, or are just easy to keep warm.

I do have the beginnings of a menu! I will definitely be making a ridiculous quantity of lobster salad for mini lobster rolls. My Mom makes lobster salad every year for Christmas and she cooks the lobsters 2 weeks ahead of time, freezes the lobster meat, and then it is very easy to prepare the salad day-of. I also know that it is delicious even though the lobster meat has been frozen, so that dish is in the bag. I'm also going to make a lobster bisque and a clam chowder (soup is not ideal for a party of this size, but it works well thematically, and again, easy to do ahead). Can you help me fill out the rest of my menu? I need a few more things, and preferably something that is good for vegetarians and/or people who don't like seafood.

Obviously there will be cake too. I have that figured out. :-)

Thanks in advance for any ideas!!


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