Just the scent alone...

I had already eaten breakfast this morning before coming into the office, and was just passing through the cafeteria getting my first coffee of the day when I walked by one of the sets of toasters there and I caught the unmistakable scent of slightly burnt, buttered toast. One of my favorite scents ever. Okay, not everyone likes that carbonized smell to toast, but somehow I have always loved it.

Anyway, I had to stay up rather late working last night and still make it in early (chalk it up to having to work with the UK and Australia in the same day, every day - thank you time differences) and was really tired, but somehow, that scent not only woke me up, but calmed me and just made me smile and now I am in a much better mood than I was before.

So, does anyone else have that ever and what causes? Not the eating of the food itself, but just the sheer aroma of a food, be it toast, or something else. What food smells make you happy? Calm? Awake?


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