Friday Night Tacos(?) for a Group

Hey fellow foodies, I've got friends coming in from out of town tomorrow and I am scrambling to come up with a good restaurant for a group. We're 12 people including kids all they way from 3mos to 9yrs old. Obvs needs to be kid-friendly and large enough to accommodate us, so probably looking for something "under the radar," so to speak, as waiting an hour for a table isn't really an option. Ethnic food was suggested by the group leader, and I've got some good options already (Sun Wah, Khan BBQ) but I'm looking for a good taco place to add to the list of possibilities. We're on the north side but willing to go as far south as Pilsen if it's a good fit. I love Nuevo Leon but it's too busy on a Friday night, other taco places I'm thinking of are okay but I haven't come up with the perfect one just yet. Any contenders come to your mind? Also, if you have other non-taco suggestions, I'll add them to the list, as well. Thanks for the help!


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