Easy vegan recipe for students - not curry or beans?

Hi, in a couple of weeks it will be my turn to cook for a fortnightly informal discussion group in my university's chaplaincy. We have a farmer's market on campus on the day of the group, happily enough, so I'd like to use some nice fall produce, but can't think what to do. It needs to be vegan (well, vegetarian and dairy-free, so basically vegan), go with bread rather than rice (we have bread and wine with the meal, also I fail at cooking rice anyway), something that will keep warm happily if people are late, and not have beans (I have IBS and can't handle beans). Can I get away with serving curry without rice? It would have to be mild though. Any ideas? Ratatouille or a basic veggie stew seems a bit boring. The meal would be serving about 6-8 people.


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