Clueless at the drive-thru!

It's supposed to be fast food. Why else would you go there? Increasingly, I'm stuck behind 5 minute conversations at the ordering screen. It could be language barrier, it could be too many new items being introduced are confusing the consumer, it could be the redesign of the menu boards, or just plain stupidity. Maybe marijuana (I'm in Colorado). Either way, I find myself wanting to rip these people out of their cars and beat them with a French-fry box.

Know what you want, order it, and move on. No "twenty questions" with the headset person who then has to run and get the manager.

I've been wanting that Arby's brisket, just to try it once and be over. The other day I waited 5 min., for real - 5 min. - watching the guy in the truck with the broken back window talk to the screen. As I hadn't yet been trapped, I backed out, went across to McDonald's, waited for a few cars and a few minutes, and as I was leaving the joker in the truck had advanced to the window - still there. He cost me my brisket. Next time.


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