Chinese recipe- Home style Beef Stew Soup Noodle

Home style Beef Stew Soup Noodle is a treasure of the Chinese diet, sets nutrition delicious at a suit.You can find it in Chinese restaurants near me. In Beef Stew Soup Noodle Chinese recipe, You can choose the high quality ingredients, nutrition health and taste can be guaranteed. The key of this authentic Chinese recipe is the soup. Recommend Chinese food ingredients:( makes 2 Servings) Main ingredient: • 600g beef brisket Vegetables: • one carrot • one Chives • 300g green vegetable Spices: • one ginger • one anise • two netmeg • Two teaspoons of salt • two tablespoons of light soy sauce • half tablespoon soy sauce • A tablespoon of ketchup Cooking Instructions: Step 1. Clean the beef brisket and cut it into small cubes, slice the beef is well too. Slice the ginger, cut the carrot into small cubes, Clean the green vegetable and cut the vegetable into segments. Step 2. fill half the pot with cold water, put half o f ginger slices and small beef cubes in the pot. Then boil the water and keep boiling for a minute. Step 3. Scoop out the cooked beef, wash the beef with warm water wash , then fill the bee in a bowl and set aside. Step 4. Clean and Cut chive into segments, beak the anise into small pieces, step 5. Put a certain amount of oil in the pan, and put the beef, broken anise, netmeg into the pan, then fry the meat until some water fried out of beef. Add the other half of ginger slices, chive, stir-fry evenly. Step 6. Add two tablespoons of light soy sauce, half tablespoon soy sauce, a tablespoon of ketchup and keep stir-fry for a while. step 7. First add hot water and turn on high fire to boil water, then switch to low fire to simmer beef stew until the beef become soft. step 8. Add the prepared carrots, green vegetables salt, and keep simmer for about 20 minutes. Home style Beef Stew Soup is done. The final step. Cook the noodles and pour in the Home style Beef Stew Soup.


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