Authentic Bolognese

What really is the "Authentic" version of a Bolognese Sauce?

Does it have minced celery & carrots & bacon (pancetta)?

Does it have milk, beef stock, or wine in it?

Does it have herbs like bay, oregeno, basil, etc. or is it simple no herbs/spices except s&p?

Is it ground beef, pork or a mix?

Canned Tomatoes (Marzano?), or Sauce, or fresh tomatoes only?

What about tomato paste?

I am making my version right now, which is: Home Canned plum tomatoes, onion, garlic, ground beef, red wine, oregeno, chili peppers, grated carrot, and tomato paste cooked for 3/4 ish hours (depending on how hungry we are).

But this time decided to add milk & stock.... as one "authentic" recipe requested.

What do you think?


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