All the Arby's advertising finally took it's toll on me. After an unknown about of years I finally set foot back in one. As the famous line goes "I'm so hungry I could eat at Arby's" and well I was really hungry after an evening of rock climbing.

Here's my trip report: Greeted by a friendly and helpful cashier. I was unaware of the different sizing options and he was helpful in this matter. All employees were especially friendly and nice compared to other fast-food joints. I was tempted by some of their newer offerings but went with one of the classics, a "Mid" Beef n' Cheddar, supplemented with curly fries, and a Jr. Roast Beef.

Beef n' Chedder: Wow salt. I love salt but wooo this was intense. Cheese sauce wasn't too offensive, roast beef seemed to taste only of salt, kind of shockingly bland. Could have been warmer. Overall a let down even when dipped into the various sauces that flow freely at Arby's.

Curly Fries: Fresh batch, hard to go wrong. Nice and crispy, salty, salty, but good. Woudl eat again.

Jr. Roast Beef: dry and salty, not much beef, but was expected as it's a Jr.

Overall: underwhelmed. I would call it poverty food, but it was actually shockingly expensive. Still in the lower tier as far as fast-food goes. Should have just stuck with an order of curly fries and a Jamoca shake.


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