Wine and Walls

I'm defiantly a part of this foodie wave and I love it. I have always eaten food for pleasure not fuel and my move to Melbourne last year cemented this passion. I love dining at all the newest and hottest restaurants, but also take solace in finding grungy bars and hidden cafes. In my apartment I have more cookbooks then novels and my salt is the prettiest colour pink you ever did see. My obsession with all things delicious has developed and blossomed and now instead of just focusing on the aroma of the dish laid in front of me or the 'legs' of the wine poured into my glass I also take note of the stool I'm perfectly perched upon or the couch I'm sleepily laying on.

It's not a new idea that your surroundings affect your perception of a new experience and place. The room you are in can make you feel elated, bored, happy or depressed, just like music can. So it makes sense that it would also affect your dining experience. Business owners need to take into account what their decor reflects and whether the vibe they are trying to portray is being received. Little touches make the whole dining experience more pleasant.

As a future bar owner (one can dream) I'm starting to fantasise about stools and bulbs as much as I am the tapas menu and cocktail list. I take note of what does and doesn't work in the places I dine. My eye is drawn to bright and unique products to feature on a simple backdrop. The feeling of the place would be fresh and colourful without being clinical. There would be flowers and champagne alongside new stools with vintage cushions my favourite Melbourne haunt is, what's yours?


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