Sous Vide Chicken Wings

On this site Kenji has a recipe for twice fried Buffalo wings. The first fry being low temperature (a la confit) and the second at a traditional 400 degrees F. The idea being that the first fry breaks down the collagen in the skin without overcooking the wings and thus the second fry makes them extra crispy but still tender. He makes a throw away statement in the recipe about how it could be done sous vide with duck fat, but never supplies a temperature.

Modernist Cuisine at Home has a recipe for sous vide chicken wings and they go for 148 F for an hour. However this is too low to break down any collagen (160-170 F), and indeed a brief Google search suggests that many did not find the wings crispy enough.

The temperature for duck confit is 170 F, so is that what we should use to replicate Kenji's recipe sous vide? If so, don't we have to worry that the wings will be overcooked? And if that is a problem does that mean sous vide just isn't the way to make chicken wings?


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