Rutger's Tomato Tasting

I'm sorry I should have took more pictures and tried to get it into a slideshow for Serious Eats, maybe next year, but I did want to share my experience with you.

Each year Rutger's College has a tomato tasting event. It's AT Snyder Farm which is up in Pittstown, NJ. For me it was a 1.5 hour drive north.. out past Flemington.. near Frenchtown, etc.

The cost to get in was $7 and it's all you can eat! This year I got to sample about 120 kinds of tomatoes.

My family is big on Jersey Tomatoes. Most of us have a tomato sandwich daily... mayo, salt and pepper.. nothing else.

Arriving at the tomato festival we parked in a field. The event was from 3pm to 8pm. You can arrive at any time. You walk through some impressive looking corn to get to the area where the tents are setup. Each tent had something different under it. I'll describe the tents in the order we went.

Our first stop was Grape Tomatoes. I believe they had 6 or 8 varieties. They wanted us to taste each one and rate them on different attributes. This was one of two tents where they asked your feedback on paper.

Our second stop was more Grape Tomatoes. There were a lot more here to try than the first tent. Maybe 12 or 16 types.

Next up were two tents of medium slicing tomatoes.

We then went to a chef demonstration. They basically had tomatoes, watermelon, basil, and goat cheese all together. Loved it! I'd have gladly sat there and stuffed my face, but we had more tomatoes to try. Not really a chef demonstration. They just handed us a little cup with food and a fancy fork and we moved on. Doesn't take a chef to slice a few items.


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