Girls "book club" night entertaining EMERGENCY!!!

So... massive dilemma on my hands. I'm hosting the first of hopefully many "book club" (except with movies!) nights for my lady-friends this coming Sunday. The premise is to round out the weekend on a ridiculously upbeat note (and pretend we don't have work in the morning) once a month with a few glasses of wine, quality company, and a solid movie. The host can either serve some form of dinner or just have everyone bring something to share (nibbles, bottle of wine, dessert, etc).

I want to kick my new club off in the best possible way, so was thinking of serving some kind of low-key family style dinner. Definitely don't want to spend my entire Sunday prepping, but also want to be a quality host. We're all late 20s with relatively adventurous palates, but classics never seem to fail to impress either. We'll also be eating on the couch before and during the movie, so don't want it to be too messy.

Was thinking a simple but well done pasta (aglio e olio maybe?), ratatouille, a big salad, crusty bread, and something deliciously chocolate for dessert might be a good idea. But would LOVE some suggestions!!!


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