Tweeking Pizza Ingredients to suit Your Taste

All eyes are closed and no one can see your vote. Who among us has not wished for some tiny adjustment in one our favorite pizza ingredients. I did not peek, but I heard some hands go up. My go-to topper is hotish fennel sausage, but my much-loved butcher/sausage won't modify his formula for less that 10#. Here's my fix, but please realize that in this situation exact measurements are worthless. I begin with whatever quantity of "pretty good" raw sausage is needed. Using a mortar and pestle I fine grind some dried pepper flakes and then some fennel seed. I thoroughly stir some of both into the raw sausage and proceed. Again, exact measurements are worthless, but if you make your own sausage pizza often enough, you will get a feel for what sings to your soul. While probably not the world's 'best' pizza, thanks to our old friend AK, I've had more than one dream about Maria's in Milwaukee. Never been there but it is on my bucket list. Thanks for the periodic reminders, AK. And yes, I consider a light, post-bake sprinkle of raw onion essential. -CG Is something wrong with SE's' server date stamp today? This post is registering April 30, 2013.


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