Supermarket Superstar

Has anyone else seen this show? Yeah, I know it's on the Lifetime network, but I actually got stuck on it, because it seems to be the perfect combination of reality TV for me - food and business!

For those that haven't seen it, each week a trip of home cooks / bakers, vie to have their product of choice be produced professionally for a national chain of grocers. There was a dip, a baked good, etc., episode.

If you have seen it, what to do you think? Somehow, I think that they didn't quite get the word out to enough people, because in the beginning they always say something like "these are the best three in this category" and then bring out three people with huge problems with their food that they need to tweak. Do you think that's just for the show? Do you like the premise of it even?

For myself, train wrecks though some of them may be, I actually am really into it and find myself trying to spend the hour thinking of what I would introduce in that category...


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